Toyota Land Cruiser Statistics: 11 Interesting Facts & Numbers

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the company’s longest-running model and arguably its most iconic vehicle.

Its roots lie in the Toyota Jeep BJ, a prototype truck created for Japanese military use during the Korean War. Some years later, Toyota made civilian versions of the Jeep BJ and the rest, as they say, is history.

Land Cruisers combine solid off-road performance with unparalleled durability. If rugged vehicles with a splash of luxury and comfort are your thing, you will fancy a Land Cruiser. But first, read our article containing important statistics relating to the Land Cruiser.

We cover production figures, towing capacities, reliability ratings, resale values, and many more!

How Many Toyota Land Cruiser Have Been Sold Per Year in The US?

The Land Cruisers started in 1951 as military 4×4 trucks [called Toyota Jeep BJs] made for the Japanese armed forces.

As the Japanese military didn’t buy the model, Toyota made civilian-friendly Jeep BJs.

The new Jeep BJ renamed the Land Cruiser, debuted five years later in 1955, reaching America in 1958. At first, demand was limited, and only one Land Cruiser sold in the US in 1958. Then the 40 Series’ Land Cruiser debuted in 1960, and sales went up.

The Land Cruiser became America’s bestselling Toyota vehicle at the time, holding the title between 1961 and 1965.

Despite the initial popularity, sales of the Land Cruiser in the US never reached the heights they did in other regions. For most of the 70s through the 90s, annual sales of the Land Cruiser rarely ventured past four-digit figures. The late 90s brought some hope, and sales climbed up to five-digit figures, but even that was short-lived, and demand soon dropped.

Many blame poor sales of the Land Cruiser in the US on Toyota’s failure to market the model properly. They also criticize Toyota’s minimal redesign efforts for the Land Cruiser, which made it outdated. Others have also said the Land Cruiser’s outrageous price prevents people from buying.

Below is a table of annual sales figures for the Land Cruiser models since 1973:

Year No. Of Models Sold
2019 3,536
2018 3,235
2017 3,100
2016 3,705
2015 2,687
2014 3,158
2013 3,082
2012 2,895
2011 1,662
2010 1,807
2009 2,261
2008 3,801
2007 3,251
2006 3,376
2005 4,870
2004 6,778
2003 6,671
2002 6,752
2001 7,591
2000 15,509
1999 18,602
1998 14,327
1997 11,502
1996 12,816
1995 14,240
1994 10,980
1993 8,886
1992 7,865
1991 8,507
1990 6,194
1989 5,091
1988 6,024
1987 5,008
1986 4,475
1985 4,740
1984 4,037
1983 4,805
1982 3,088
1981 2,027
1980 3,058
1979 5,716
1980 3,058
1979 5,716
1978 8,858
1977 9,924
1976 9,236
1975 9,050
1974 8,204
1973 11,218

What Year Did Toyota Start the Land Cruiser Models?

The Land Cruiser was originally designed as a military vehicle, but the Japanese army chose Mitsubishi’s Jeep instead.

Later, Toyota remodeled it as the civilian 40-series Land Cruiser [FJ40] that landed on American shores in 1958. Toyota would continue remodeling the Land Cruiser lineup in the following years.

The company introduced the 55-series Land Cruiser in 1967, a more comfortable alternative to the rugged 40-series Land Cruiser. An all-new 60-series model appeared in 1980, with distinctive features such as a new dashboard and headlights. The 80-series Land Cruiser came out in 1991 and was replaced in 1998 by the 100-series Land Cruiser.

The post-2000s saw Toyota adopt the strategy of releasing Land Cruisers in the US under its Lexus nameplate. It did this with the 120-series Land Cruiser [Lexus GX470] and the 150-series Land Cruiser [Lexus GX460].

However, the Land Cruiser made its US return in 2008 with the introduction of the 200-series edition.

It is this current model that continues to sell in the United States.

Look-through our article which explains about How Long do Toyota Land Cruiser Last?

How Is the Fuel Economy On Toyota Land Cruiser?

Brawny off-road V8-engine SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser rarely have good gas mileage.

However, the Land Cruiser’s fuel economy isn’t just poor; it is dismal. However, you would expect such fuel thirst from a hulking touring model. According to the EPA estimates, the Land Cruisers earns 13 MPG on city roads and 17 MPG on the highway, for a combined 14 MPG.

This makes the Land Cruiser one of the most inefficient vehicles in the full-size SUV segment.

By comparison, similar vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler offer great off-road experience and still have a good fuel economy.


How Quickly Do Toyota Land Cruiser Depreciate?

Because of a reputation for reliability, Land Cruisers usually have strong resale values.

Used-vehicle buyers will pay more for Land Cruisers as they know it will last for years. Moreover, the Land Cruiser is a versatile SUV that can navigate the most unforgiving terrains with ease while keeping passengers comfortable on long trips.

Such value for your money means the demand for used models is high. This demand keeps depreciation rates on the Land Cruiser low.

According to iSeeCars, the average 5-year depreciation rate of the Land Cruiser is 48.6%.

Did Toyota Recall Any of the Toyota Land Cruiser Models?

Despite the Land Cruisers’ legendary reliability, it has faced problems over the years.

To date, the Land Cruiser has seen 15 recalls since it started production.

We’ve ranked recall numbers for model years extending from 1984 to 2019:

Model Year No. Of Recalls
2009 7
2010 6
2008 5
2011 5
2016 3
2015 3
2014 3
2005 3
1985 2
1986 2
2006 2
2012 2
2013 2
1984 2
2003 1
1992 1
1991 1
2017 1
2018 1
1990 1
1989 1
2004 1
2019 1
2007 1
1993 1

How Much Do the Land Cruiser Models Pollute?

A fuel-guzzling vehicle is the last vehicle to choose if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

We wouldn’t advise you to buy the Land Cruiser if environmental impact is a concern for you.

Per EPA data, the 2020 Land Cruiser emits 618 grams of greenhouse gases per mile, receiving an emissions score of 1/10.

How Much Do the Land Cruiser Models Tow?

Asides its great off-road performance, the Land Cruiser has an impressive hauling ability.

With a powerful 5.8-L eight-cylinder engine that delivers over 400 lbs.-ft. of torque, the Land Cruiser can satisfy most of your towing needs.

It also has 4WD capability and comes with a Trailer Tow Package. The presence of a Trailer Sway Control feature means you can tow safely even in inclement weather or on twisty roads.

When properly equipped, the Land Cruiser can tow up to 8,100 pounds of loads. That’s more than what competitors like the Chevy Suburban or the GMC Yukon offers.

How Reliable Are Toyota Land Cruisers?

If there’s any vehicle that can claim to set the benchmark for reliability, it is the Land Cruiser.

When it arrived in the US in 1958, it became the choice vehicle for those traveling in the roughest and most remote areas of the US. Despite the abuse these models suffered, they rarely broke down. The ruggedness of the Land Cruisers earned them the nickname “Bruisers.”

Today, the Land Cruiser ranks as one of the most reliable vehicles in the world. They are used in a variety of environments that regular vehicles cannot go without breaking down. Desert terrains, mud-filled roads, rocky areas, there’s hardly any place the Land Cruiser doesn’t feel at home.

Even with all the rough riding, Land Cruisers are less likely to leave you on the roadside. An iSeeCars study ranked the Land Cruiser as the most-reliable SUV in production.

According to the study, over 15% of Land Cruisers cross the 200,000-mile mark. By comparison, the closest non-Toyota SUV [Ford Expedition] has 5.2% of its vehicles reaching the 200,000-mile mark.

How Safe Are Toyota Land Cruisers?

Land Cruisers come standard with the Toyota Safety Sense P [TSS-P] and Star Safety Systems.

The TSS-P comprises lane-departure alert, pre-collision warning, pedestrian detection, and dynamic radar cruise control.

Similarly, the Star Safety system comprises vehicle stability control, anti-lock braking system, and active traction control.

Safety ratings for the Land Cruiser model aren’t available as it hasn’t undergone testing by either the NHTSA or the IIHS.

What Is the Typical Buyer Demographic for This Model?

Given the Land Cruiser’s low volume of sales [in the US], there isn’t considerable demographic data for buyers.

However, based on our research, we came to a few conclusions about those who buy the Land Cruiser model:

  1. They are quite affluent and have a sizeable annual household income.
    • This isn’t surprising, given the Land Cruiser’s price, which comes at $85,415(base model).
  2. They are mostly male, with female buyers making up a tiny fraction of buyers.
  3. Reliability and vehicle quality is of utmost importance to Land Cruiser buyers.
    • They are also performance-buyers and are less concerned about fuel economy or carbon footprint of their vehicles.

Toyota Land Cruisers Theft Numbers

The NHTSA Vehicle Theft Rate Database doesn’t contain theft numbers for the Land Cruiser, perhaps because of its status as a low-volume model.

However, we can safely assume thefts of the model in the US are not as rampant as they are in countries like New Zealand or Australia.

Land Cruisers are some of the highest-selling models in those countries and get stolen more.


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