Top-Selling SUVs of the Season: 5 Hottest Picks for Winter

As the snowflakes fall and the temperatures decline, the demand for dependable, stylish, and powerful SUVs increases.

We sifted through the crowd to bring you an exclusive list of the season’s best-selling SUVs, each a tribute to innovation and performance.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, a famous winter warrior, now offers the Grand Cherokee L – an extended-wheelbase variant built for more utility. It excels in both design and function, with space for seven people and significant cargo capacity.

The standard rear-wheel drive assures dynamic performance, with a $2,000 four-wheel-drive upgrade available for improved winter control.

The Grand Cherokee L features a luxury interior. The engine range comprises a reliable V6 for everyday use and an optional powerful V8 for those looking for additional power.

But, what actually catches the eye with the Grand Cherokee L is its winter capabilities.

The Selec-Terrain traction management system has five modes for adapting to different terrains, and an available air suspension gives you up to 10.9 inches of ground clearance for varied off-road performance.

Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition 2024

Winter-ready and enforcing, the Expedition SUV earns a position among the best big SUVs, excelling in features tailored for cold-weather endeavors.

The Expedition stands out as an excellent option for winter adventures, thanks to its exceptional towing capacity and suitable passenger room.

Its four-wheel-drive option, which includes hill descent control and configurable terrain settings, allows smooth travel across snow-covered roads, thanks to 10 inches of ground clearance.

On those extra cold days, tri-zone automatic temperature control also ensures a cozy cabin for all passengers.

Plus, optional features like rain-sensing windscreen wipers, a heated steering wheel, and heated front seats provide extra comfort and convenience, making the Expedition a dependable companion in the coldest of seasons.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The Tahoe is designed for winter adventures, with great cargo capacity and seating for seven to nine passengers.

The option to upgrade to a four-wheel drive for an additional $3,000 boosts its snow-driving capacity and provides a consistent grip on icy avenues.

The Tahoe has an initial ground clearance of 8 inches, but an available adaptive suspension raises it to a daunting 10 inches for added confidence when navigating in the winter.

All Tahoe models are equipped with rain-sensing windscreen wipers and tri-zone automatic temperature control, making them ideal for chilly conditions. However, you should consider heated front and second-row seats, as well as a warm heated steering wheel, for enhanced winter comfort.

It should be noted that the 2024 Tahoe adopts the Super Cruise partly automated driving system, which provides improved support for a safe and hassle-free winter driving experience.

Volvo XC40

Image credit: Peter Jones

Championing the winter terrain with elegance, the Volvo XC40 is the top-recommended premium subcompact SUV for cold-weather traveling.

With a respectable ground clearance of 8.3 inches, the XC40 proudly expresses its presence on roads. Its large cabin and powerful powertrains set it apart from the competition within its segment, owing to an impressive 57.5 cubic feet of luggage capacity for all your winter gear.

Clearly designed to meet the demands of all seasons, this SUV offers not one, but two fulfilling mild-hybrid powertrains, putting economical performance and explosive acceleration at your pedal when it is most required.

With the option of all-wheel drive, navigating the winter terrain becomes even easier. The XC40 also provides optional heated rear seats and a heated steering wheel for people who prioritize comfort in cold weather.

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4, an SUV veteran, is at the forefront of winter prowess, even in 2024 as an EV variant.

The RAV4’s outstanding all-wheel-drive technology responds to changing road conditions flawlessly, offering safe and confident handling.

In addition to its winter-ready features, the RAV4 Hybrid, which easily sits at the top of hybrid SUV rankings, has an energetic powertrain and exceptional fuel economy. Its refined handling makes it a joy to drive, and its spacious cabin easily seats people in both rows.

Plus, the RAV4 Hybrid has 8.1 inches of ground clearance, which is ideal for winter off-road enthusiasts. All-wheel drive is standard, adding an extra degree of control in rough weather.

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