Tesla Wins In Court: People With Electric Cars Should Know Better, Judge Says

According to Reuter, Tesla won a big court case. A U.S. judge said no to a lawsuit that accused Tesla of unfairly controlling its car repairs and parts. The lawsuit combined complaints from Tesla car owners who started having issues in March 2019.

At a court hearing in San Francisco, Judge Trina Thompson said the car owners didn’t prove their point. They couldn’t show that Tesla made them use only Tesla’s repair services or that they didn’t know about the costs and wait times for these services.

The judge also said the car owners can try to make their case again if they want.

The main problem was about Tesla not letting car owners choose where to get their cars fixed. Tesla owners have to use Tesla’s own repair centers and parts. This is different from other car owners who have many choices for repairs.

The judge explained that the Tesla car owners didn’t prove they were tricked about the costs and time needed for repairs. The court also didn’t agree with some other legal points against Tesla.

Tesla sells its cars directly to customers, which is different from most car companies. Between January and September, Tesla made a lot of money from car sales, which was a big part of their total earnings.

This court decision shows how important it is for people to understand what they’re getting into when they buy electric cars, especially Teslas. It’s a reminder for car makers and buyers to be aware of the special issues with electric cars as they become more common.

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