Can You Put Bumper Stickers On Leased Cars? (We Checked)

So, you’ve gotten a leased car and you’re being concerned about whether you can put bumper stickers on it, right?

Well, whether you’re trying to stay informed or you’re actually thinking of pasting some stickers on that leased car, you’ll get to know if leasing companies really care about bumper stickers or not in this article.

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Here’s the Short Answer To Whether You Can Put Bumper Stickers on Leased Cars:

The major concern of most leasing companies is getting their vehicles in the same way it was leased out.

While these companies might care less about having bumper stickers on their cars, they’ll care more about having the vehicle restored to its original state before the expiration of the leasing period.

Do Car Leasing Companies Really Care About Bumper Stickers?

Most leasing companies really care about bumper stickers because of the following:

1. Appearance

Because a lease car is only given out for a short while, leasing companies always give some conditions aimed at getting the vehicle back in the same shape and form it was given out.

So, adding bumper stickers to a leased vehicle will not only alter the vehicle’s appearance; it could also affect its body.

Not all stickers are easy to remove. If you use the ones with a strong tack adhesive, you may find it difficult to delete the stickers off the vehicle. Well, you may need to check the 11 best methods you can use to easily remove bumper stickers.

On the extreme, attempting to forcefully remove the sticker could even affect the vehicle’s body paint, which will definitely go against the lease’ T&C.

2. Next Ownership

Leasing cars are only given out for a limited period. Thus, if a user had modified the car with bumper stickers, it may limit the preference of the car.

That is, a supposed new user may not like the stickers applied on the vehicle by the previous user, and it could affect the preference of the car. This is another reason most leasing companies really care about bumper stickers.

3. Risk of Damage

Aside from the fact that bumper stickers could eventually lead to the flaking off of the body paint of a car, it could also endanger the vehicle.


Imagine pasting some political stickers on a leased car, and you drive to a politically aggrieved location, the vehicle may be destroyed by angry mobs who may not find the sight of the stickers pleasant.

It is actually because of the potential risks that bumper stickers pose on a vehicle that most car leasing companies frown at its use.

Can Bumper Stickers Be Removed With No Trace?

Whether there’ll be a trace or no trace when you removed a bumper sticker depends largely on the materials used to make the sticker and how long it has remained on the vehicle’s body.

If you use stickers with less tack-adhesive, you can easily remove it with no trace. Mind you, that’s if the bumper sticker has only stayed on the vehicle for just a few months.

However, if you use stickers with strong tack-adhesive, removing it will most likely leave traces on the vehicle regardless of how long the sticker has remained on the vehicle.

The truth is, bumper stickers help to preserve the spot they are pasted on, such that they protect the space against UV rays and other particles that may reduce the color quality of a vehicle’s body paint.

UV rays actually lead to fading and degradation of a vehicle’s body paint over time. So, as the more exposed parts fade, the part protected by the sticker tends to maintain its color quality.

That’s why most bumper stickers do leave traces when you eventually remove them.

Can You Get Fined If You Add Bumper Stickers?

You can actually get fined for using some specific bumper stickers in some US states, as well as in several other countries of the world. In other way, you can even get fined for placing bumper stickers on some parts of your vehicle.

You should note that some states like Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina are against the use of offensive or obscene bumper stickers. In fact, Middle Tennesse State University states on her website that violators of this offense may be fined $200.

You just have to be mindful of the regulations of your state regarding the use of bumper stickers before pasting any sticker on your vehicle.

Besides, while you may be free to paste stickers on the rear side of your vehicle, you may also be prosecuted in some states for blocking the front windshield with stickers. This is because, as you may know, obstructing the driver’s view with stickers is risky and dangerous.

That said, make sure you read on 5 best places you can place your bumper stickers here.

This is an offense since it also endangers other motorists that such a driver shares roads with. Besides, bumper some stickers could even endanger you if you go unnecessarily overboard with its use. Check our post on the 3 reasons to not use bumper stickers to learn how.

What Modifications Can You Do on a Leased Car?

You can do any modification to a leased car as long as it doesn’t cause any permanent alteration to the vehicle, and the leasing company is not against it.

Modifications, like a change of body paint or installation of aftermarket components that will require physical alteration to the vehicle, are usually prohibited. However, you can do other kinds of temporary adjustments on a leased car, as long as the lease agreement permits it.

Final Thoughts

The use of bumper stickers on a leased car depends largely on the lease agreement and the leasing company. Since you’re only a temporary owner of the car, you’ll largely depend on the lease agreement before you attempt any modification to the car.

Well, if you use a leased car with the intention of owning it outrightly, you can do any alteration to it. If otherwise, you may incur some financial charges on yourself at the end of the leasing period.


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