Can Hummers Be Flat-Towed? Read This First (With Examples)

Taking your Hummer on your RVing trips doubles the fun and adventure. But because of the humongous weight of the Hummer, towing it can be a challenge for many people.

An easy way out when pulling large vehicles is to flat-tow them. But can a hummer be flat-towed?

In this article, we look at the question of flat towing the different Hummer models and the accessories you need to pull them successfully.

Can a Hummer be Flat Towed?

You can flat-tow a Hummer. But you need to have a vehicle with the GCWR to tow such a large truck and compatible towing accessories. You also need special equipment to make it work.

In most cases, you will find the towing instructions of your Hummer in the user manual. However, check the updated towing regulations in your state as laws may have changed.

Flat Towing a Hummer H1

Before towing your H1 with the four down, carefully check your state’s vehicle codes. Because the vehicle has a GVWR of 10,300 pounds, you may need a Class a Commercial Driver’s License to tow a vehicle its size.

So make sure you won’t be breaking the law before even going out to buy a tow bar and other accessories.

Check your user manual for instructions.

According to AMG, you can flat tow your H1 unlimited distances. You just need to put the transfer case in Neutral.

In fact, you may not remove the drive shafts but if you do, take both shafts off.

If you remove only one shaft while flat towing, it’s like rolling on one set of wheels with only one shaft. This can damage the transfer case.

To reduce stress on your t-case and wear on the tires, it’s better to disconnect the drive shafts. Thankfully, it is easily DIYable.

Take off the clamps holding the spider on the joints at the differentials with an 8mm wrench and the shaft will come off.

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Attaching the Tow Bar

You will need a sturdy tow bar, preferably something from RoadMaster or BlackHawk and base plates that will be attached to your vehicle.

You want to get a tow bar rated above 10k to accommodate the weight of the H1.

Then you need a braking system which may be the most difficult choice because there are so many on the market.

Once you attached the tow bar, you need to install the brake system and wire the truck’s lighting with the tow bar system.

When you have completed the connection, place the transfer case in N and the transmission in Park.

Leave the keys in the ignition and keep spare with you.

Remember to release the parking brake and empty the brake assistance reservoir to prevent locking the wheels after a few applications.

The beauty of this system is that it does not pile up the mileage on the Hummer. But the wheels, tires and t-case will continue racking up the miles.

However, your towing vehicle will get abysmally low mileage at first, especially if you are going uphill.

Also, you may not want to attempt towing an H1 with a vehicle producing less than 450 horsepower, as it may be a real struggle to get to your destination.

Flat-Towing a Hummer H2

Like the Hummer H1, you can flat-tow an H2 unlimited distance so long as the transfer case is in Neutral and the transmission in Park.

If you are in doubt, check your user’s manual as different year/model has specific towing instructions.

The FMCA allows you to tow the H2 without a Class a CDL. It is based on the chassis of a Chevy Suburban which is far lighter than the behemoth H1.

Make sure the vehicle has attachment tabs to connect with the tow bar. The tabs are the projections on either side of your license plate.

If your vehicle does not come with them, which is unlikely, you will need to have them installed at an auto shop.

Attach the tow bar and the base plates which connect to the tabs on your H2.

You also have to wire the braking system and the lights so that the Hummer’s brake lights come on whenever you apply the brakes on the tow vehicle.

For the H2, it’s preferable to get a steel tow bar rated 10k. That way, you don’t strain the vehicles or even the tow bar.

Flat-Towing a Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 weighs only 4700 pounds, so it’s considerably smaller than the H2 and H3 and easier to flat tow.

First, you want to check the user manual for specific instructions on flat towing the H3.

Then get a tow bar like the Loadmaster Sterling All Terrain Tow Bar and a base plate kit such as the Road Master XL Base Plate Kit.

The beauty of this tow bar is that it has quickly-disconnects, inbuilt wiring, and safety cables.

Because of the H3’s size, you also need to install a supplemental braking system regardless of the towing method.

There are many types of braking systems. RoadMaster’s RM-9400 is easy to install and activates the H3’s brakes whenever you apply the brakes on the towing vehicle.

This helps to reduce wear on both vehicles’ brakes and tires and is safer.

And then you need lighting on the towed vehicle. You want to choose the best lighting for your needs, especially if you will tow the H3 frequently.

Check with your state on any new legislation regarding flat towing a H3.

5 Things You Need to Flat Tow a Hummer

Different Hummer models/years have specific flat towing requirements.

The first step is to check your user manual for instructions on how to tow your vehicle.

However, some requirements are standard when towing your vehicles on all fours. These include:

1) Tow Bars

The tow bar is made from aluminum or steel. It is the rod that connects the towed vehicle with the towing vehicle.

Tow bars are not designed to attach directly to your vehicle’s frame or its hook mounts. So even if your Hummer has hook mounts, you can’t use a tow bar to pull it.

For that, you need a base plate kits. Many tow bars come with safety cables, lighting and wiring that allows you to control the towed vehicle via the braking system of the towing vehicle.

2) Base Plate Kit

The base plates are the accessories that attach to your vehicle’s frame.

They have proper attachment points that link to the tow bar and your vehicle, allowing for even weight distribution and safety.

The base plates have a V-shape when mounted and can be folded when not in use.

3) Safety Cable Set

If the tow bar detaches, the safety cables ensure that your vehicle does not separate from the tow vehicle.

4) Tow Bar Wiring

You need to install tow bar wiring on the vehicle being towed. Some old systems require getting into the towed vehicle’s electrical circuitry.

Newer systems such as a magnetic kit are easy to install and do not require the vehicle’s electrical systems to work.

With the tow bar wiring system, you can activate the taillights of the towed vehicle from the towing vehicle.

5) Supplemental Braking System

In most states, you need a supplemental braking system when towing a vehicle. There are several types of braking system to choose from.

Some need to be installed in the towed vehicle’s braking system; others activate the towed vehicle’s brakes when you apply the towing vehicle’s brakes.

A few come in a box that applies the brakes without connecting to the vehicle’s systems.

Depending on your needs, get a braking system that you can use for other vehicles, especially if you plan to tow multiple vehicles.

A good supplemental braking system reduces wear on the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle’s brakes.

How Does Flat-Towing a Hummer Affect Gas Mileage?

The amount of weight you are towing determines the drop in mileage.

When towing an H1, you can expect a drastic drop in mileage when building momentum but things will improve as you hit the pavement at full tilt. Mileage can suffer when driving uphill.

Things get easier when pulling the H2 or H3 because they are lighter compared to the H1.

The towing vehicle’s engine is an important factor when pulling a Hummer.

Drag can also reduce mileage but we assume that the towing vehicle will considerably bigger than your Hummer.

If you have a 325 hp engine, you should be fine with the H2 and H3. With the H1, get a powerful 450 hp or more, preferably a turbo diesel so you can get more torque at lower rpm.

How Big a Vehicle Do You Need to Tow a Hummer?

Like every other cargo, the most important factor when towing a Hummer is the towing vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating.

Make sure your towing vehicle is rated to pull the weight of your Hummer.

Most people who pull Hummers use their Mobile Home for the job.

Understandably, mobile homes come with powerful diesels and have the proper weight rating to handle the bulk of a Hummer.

Final Words

Flat-towing a Hummer is one of the easiest ways to take the vehicle along on your RVing trips.

It is easy on the Hummer and the towing vehicle and the setup is straightforward.

Remember to get the highest-rated tow bars and check the user manual for specific towing instructions for your Hummer model/year.

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