How Much Can Porsches Tow? (Cayenne, Macan & Panamera)

Are you considering investing your hard-earned dollars into a Porsche SUV? Beyond the technical specifications and powerful engines, you need to know what you are really purchasing.

Many people neglect to think about how well their new Porsche SUV will be able to help them haul certain items until it is too late. You need to know what the towing capacity is on your soon-to-be new Porsche SUV.

How much can Porsches tow?

Two of the more popular SUV styles, the Panamera and the Macan, can tow 4,400 and 4,850 pounds, respectively. The Cayenne is significantly more powerful and can tow upwards of 7,500 pounds. If you are looking for a model that can tow a trailer or a boat, the Cayenne is likely your first choice.

Model Towing Capacity
2015 Cayenne 7,716 pounds
2020 Cayenne 7,700 pounds
2015 Macan 4,409 pounds
2020 Macan 4,409 pounds
2015 Panamera 4,850 pounds
2020 Panamera 4,850 pounds


Which Models Can Tow a Horse Trailer?

Owning a Porsche is considered a luxury item, but so is owning a horse. Many equestrians need to transport their horses to and from trail rides, vacations, and competitions. As a result, they need a car that can reasonably tow their trailer.

Which, if any, of these models is the perfect fit to tow your horse trailer?

The answer to this depends on what kind of trailer you have and how many horses you intend to carry with you.

Most horse lovers own a single horse trailer with a bumper pull. Steel is the most common building element, though you may see some constructed with fiberglass or aluminum.

The material used to create your trailer plays a big role in how heavy it will be to carry.

For example, a steel or fiberglass model may weigh somewhere around 1,500 pounds while an aluminum trailer with a ramp weighs closer to 2,500.

More Weight Specifications

Do you have more than one horse that needs to travel with you? A two-horse trailer comes with a heavier weight that can range anywhere from 2,100 pounds to 3,000 pounds on average.

Keep in mind that these weights are for trailers that are unladen. That means that they do not contain any of your tack, equipment, or the horse itself.

You probably already know how much your horse weighs, but most will range in size from 800 pounds to 1,500 pounds. That puts your single horse trailer ranging from 2,300 pounds to 4,000 pounds. A double horse trailer packed with two horses can range from 3,700 to 6,000 pounds.

Hauling a load this size with a Panamera or a Macan would be almost pushing the limits of what the car can handle. Both of these vehicles are not designed for towing more than 5,000 pounds.

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If you want to tow your horse trailer with a Porsche, you should really invest your money into a Cayenne that can handle roughly 7,700 pounds.

Can I Tow a Boat With My Porsche SUV?

Are you looking forward to a weekend on the water? Many people purchase their Porsche SUVs because they hope that they can tow the weight of their boats on the weekend.

While you may be able to tow your boat closer to the water, it depends on what type of boat and trailer you have.

Small boats like kayaks and canoes will travel easily with any of these three models. They are so lightweight and can be strapped to the top of the vehicle. It is even easier if you opt to install a roof rack on your Porsche SUV.

However, hauling a larger boat can be a bit more difficult if you only have an SUV instead of a truck built for hauling large loads.

Weight and Trailers

First and foremost, you likely need a boat trailer unless you are traveling with a kayak or a canoe. These trailers can range in weight from 300 pounds to 1,500 pounds for longer and heavier boats. This already puts a pretty good size dent in the amount that your boat can weigh while still allowing your Porsche to haul it.

From here, you have to consider how much your boat itself weighs.

A small motorboat clocks in around 2,500 to 3,000 pounds. On the other hand, a sailboat can be significantly heavier at 5,000 to 7,000 pounds. If you have yet to purchase a boat, take this into consideration and factor in how much your Porsche can tow.

If you want to be able to tow a boat with your Porsche, you have to consider all of these factors.

The chances are that the Cayenne will allow you to tow anything from a small canoe up to a midsized motorboat. If you have a relatively small motorboat and a light trailer, the Macan and Panamera may be up to the task.

However, a sailboat is likely too heavy for your Porsche to travel with.

How Big of a Travel Trailer can I Tow with Each Model?

Maybe you are looking to travel the world with a travel trailer or an RV attached to the back of your Porsche. Much like boats and horse trailers, the size of the trailer depends on whether you will be able to haul one or not. They can range in weight from 1,500 pounds to more than 7,000 pounds.

If you want to be able to haul a travel trailer with your Porsche, you are going to need to stick with smaller RVs. A 13-foot trailer has a curb weight of roughly 1,500 pounds. As you approach the twenty-foot benchmark, you start to see weights that come close to 3,000 pounds. Some 25- to 30-foot trailers will weigh just 5,500 pounds.

Keep in mind that the numbers included here are the curb weights for your travel trailer.

These numbers do not include the water, supplies, food, propane, and all of the other miscellaneous items that make your little getaway enjoyable. Some experts suggest that adding all of these items (including your passengers) to the trailer can add an extra 1,500 pounds to the curb weight.

Types of Trailers

The construction of your travel trailer will play a big role in how much it weighs. There are two main categories of travel trailers. Some are made with aluminum, and the others are constructed from fiberglass.

Aluminum trailers tend to be the heavier choice because they have wooden frames. Fiberglass trailers, while more expensive, are lighter and can be towed by your Porsche more easily.

Based on the curb weight of the trailer, you can tow some sort of travel trailer with any Porsche SUV model. The Panamera and Macan can handle a lightweight trailer that is roughly thirteen to twenty feet long. The Cayenne has superior towing abilities and should be able to handle almost any size travel trailer you throw at it.

How well do Porsche SUVs Tow Compared to Other Brands?

When it comes to the Porsche name brand, many investors want to know whether it is truly worth the price tag. How do these Porsche SUVs stack up against other cars in their class when it comes to their ability to tow?

Unfortunately, the Panamera and the Macan leave something to be desired. Many of the more popular and affordable SUVs have a towing capacity that far surpasses theirs.

Neither model can tow more than 5,000 pounds, which puts them at a huge disadvantage when compared to other cars in their class like the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee (7,200 pounds), 2019 BMW X5 (7,200 pounds), and the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE (7,200 pounds).

On the other hand, the Cayenne gives some of these other cars a run for their money. It offers all of the luxuries of the Porsche name brand and competitive towing capacity. It can tow at least as much as the other models mentioned. It even exceeds popular models like the 2019 Toyota Sequoia (7,400 pounds) and 2019 BMW X7 (7,500 pounds).

However, you may still want to consider other makes and models if towing capacity is of the utmost importance to you. The 2019 Cadillac Escalade can tow an impressive 8,300 pounds while still giving you the look and feel of a luxury vehicle. The Lincoln Navigator can tow even more at 8,700 pounds, and the 2019 Ford Expedition can tow a whopping 9,300 pounds.

Before you decide to invest in a Porsche SUV for its towing capacity, you should evaluate how often you will need to tow something and how heavy the item will be. The Cayenne is a great model for towing heavier items, but it still may not be enough for you compared to other cars in its class.

Final Thoughts

The Porsche name brand is well recognized for its commitment to luxury vehicles and sporty cars. The towing capacity is often an afterthought for many people, but it should be at the forefront of your mind. Now that you know how each model stacks up against the competition and how it will wear in daily life, you can make the decision that works best for you.

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