How Long Do Honda CBR 250Rs Last? (5 Examples)

Whether you’re looking for a city-slick daily driver, trial track days, or a humble highway road-runner, the CBR 250 is capable of full-time duty.

Still, it’s got a cute little motor in it, a characteristic that not only classifies it as an entry-level bike but also leaves riders wondering, how long does a CBR 250R last? 

Well, we answer that question in this article.

Here’s How Long a Honda CBR 250R Lasts:

If well maintained and not pushed past its limit, a Honda CBR 250R can last for over 75,000 miles without a rebuild. Its water-cooled, single-cylinder motor boasts Honda’s reliable manufacturing technology.

How Many Miles Do You Get on a Honda CBR 250R?

There are Honda CBR 250Rs on the road with over 75,000 miles on them that still run like new.

To get this nice round figure, I combined what I know about Honda’s engineering with the information I found when I snaked through the forums to see some real-life examples.

One rider I encountered claimed his CBR 250R had well over 75,000 miles on the clock.

He’s not able to comment on how much more life the little dude had left since the bike was stolen, but notes that the engine was still solid. 

The previous owner used it mainly for commuting, the CBR rider claims, and he adds that they put 48,000 miles on the clock. 

He and the previous owner kept up with the regular oil changes at 1,500 miles and performed routine maintenance. The CBR rider I encountered had a chance to do a tour on it before it was stolen and noted that the bike was fine for the duration of his travels.

The CBR250R is water-cooled and has an oil filter, so with just routine maintenance, the engine should see many more miles than older Hondas of the same class that have packed over 200,000 miles on them.

What Is Considered High Mileage for These Models?

High mileage on a motorcycle can be anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 miles, depending on:

  • Geography
  •  Clientele
  • Type of motorcycle
  • Crash record, and
  • How the previous owner rode the bike

That said, the simple truth is that a motorcycle’s mileage is somewhat irrelevant when considering the bike’s longevity.

Assessing a CBR 250R’s lifespan depends on other determinants, like the previous owner and how they rode. 

It is a sportbike, and there are some unfair assumptions about sportbikes, like they’re all ridden hard and pushed to their limit. Some buyers may offer less due to that assumption, and some sellers may drop the price, too. 

However, a sport motorcycle with an attentive previous owner who kept up with maintenance will last longer than a bagger that’s never been cared for.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at another example.

Another CBR 250R rider I stumbled across let loose about his little Honda effortlessly hitting the 100,000-mile mark.

He says his CBR250R was quick, agile, and powerful. 

So while mileage is something you might consider when window-shopping a CBR 250R or purchasing any vehicle, if the bike has been well maintained, a 250R with 50,000 miles on the odometer could very well be worth your time.

How Many Years Does a Honda CBR 250R Typically Last?

A Honda CBR 250R can last about 20 years if well maintained. The average biker owner rides 4,000 miles a year, so a bike that can live for 75,000 miles, if well maintained, has the potential to live through two decades. 

That said, the owner’s level of responsibility for their CBR is the most critical factor in deciding how their little Honda will hold up.

A CBR 250R that’s been well-cared-for will almost certainly outlast the owner’s interest in it, considering it’s considered a beginner bike in many moto-markets.

If you’re in the market for a used 250R, the seller should provide you with at least the essential maintenance information.

Basic info includes maintenance records and storage methods. 

Here are 4 questions to ask when gauging the lifespan of a CBR 250R:

  • How frequently were the oil, oil filter, and air filter changed or cleaned? 
  • Was the 250R stored in a garage or a driveway?
  • Was the CBR 250R ridden regularly, or did it sit unused for long periods?
  • Do you have the service records, and can I see them?

You may think a low mileage bike that’s been in storage will automatically last longer, but that isn’t the case.

Bikes like Hondas were born for roasting roads.

A CBR that’s been in storage may have had its seals and gaskets corrupted. 

A bike passed from owner to owner is another red flag for years taken off its life. A humble number of owners is a good indication of how many years a CBR 250R has left.

 The more hands a motorcycle has passed through, the greater the chance of delayed maintenance or an unreported incident. This is why a single-owner bike is desirable, but for a bike like the CBR 250R, that might be harder to find.


Because it’s seen as a beginner bike, riders looking to do more than commute will outgrow a CBR 250R fairly soon after nailing the basics.

A learner bike also has more potential to be dropped or ridden sporadically, and that’s why those service records are so important to consult when gauging how many years a Honda CBR 250R will last.

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Is the Honda CBR 250R Reliable?

Honda motors are renowned for their reliability, and the CBR250R is no different. Its simple, water-cooled single-cylinder engine features an oil filter, and its reliability benefits from more modern Honda technology. 

With some regular maintenance, your Honda CBR 250R can be reliable for as long as you enjoy riding it.

Does a Honda CBR 250R Last Longer than Other Motorcycles?

While its robust and reliable motor makes the Honda CBR 250R more reliable than other bikes in the 250 class, it is a sportbike, and its reliability depends on how aggressive it’s ridden.

Hondas are reliable, but they’re not designed to be wheeled to hell and slid across the pavement while shredding through a curve. 

The CBR 250R is a popular choice for riders learning to stunt.

A previous CBR 250R owner who modified the engine for stunt riding risks leaking oil or having other issues down the road. 

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What Typically Breaks First on a Honda CBR 250R?

Malfunctioning electronics has been the most commonly reported issue with the CBR 250R.

There are some general things to inspect on any used bike—a cold start, leaks, brake fluid color, tire wear/condition, tightened nuts & bolts, clean title, service records, etc.

But is there anything specific to the CBR250 that breaks first?

Let’s look at a few examples from the forum crawl I did to prep this piece.

An owner of a 2013 CBR250R claimed that his gas tank stopped reading correctly after a year. His tank always shows full, he reports, even if it’s half full or near empty. 

Another CBR 250R owner reports that they’ve only had two problems:

  1. A broken ABS sensor,
  2. And a faulty dash light, meaning that the backlight no longer functions. 

That second issue may not affect the bike mechanically, but the rider reports not seeing their speed at night and claims it’s a common problem and expensive to fix.

 Overall, though, he notes that his little Honda 250R holds up for what he needs it to do.

 Another rider who clocked 48,00o miles on her CBR 250R before selling it expresses she found it a very well-made and economical commuter.

She adds, though, that when it rains, moisture and rain get in the keylock barrel, and made it hard to turn the key.

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10 Great Tips to Make Sure Your Honda CBR 250R Will Last Long

Here are 10 tips to keep your Honda CBR 250R in excellent shape for years:

  • Clean Your Honda CBR 250R. Not only do dust, gunk, salt, and dirt take away from the bike’s vibe, but they also promote corrosion. Wash your CBR 650R at least once a month, and wipe it down twice a week.

  • Fill Your Honda CBR 250R’s Tire Pressure. Sports bikes are built to rip roads, and keeping your tires a few PSI more than the manufacturer recommended amount is ideal for letting loose while also guarding your CBR 250R’s longevity.

  • Replace Your Honda CBR 250R’s Brake Pads. In addition to the apparent risks of diminished stopping power, degraded or soiled brake pads can create permanent damage to your CBR 250R’s rotors.

  • Tighten Your CBR 250R’s Chain. A loose drive chain reduces mileage, which means your CBR 250R is fighting harder. If a slack chain jumps, it can destroy the casing and additional components of the motorcycle. That said, an over-tightened chain can snap. Keep your Honda CBR 250R chain directly where the owner’s manual suggests for years to come.

  • Adjust Your CBR 250R’s Clutch. Over time, all clutch plates wear down from the stress of motor physics. Eventually, the clutch lever loosens, and shifting gears becomes more challenging. Examine the bike to ensure the clutch lever has a sufficient measure of free play. If the clutch lever is too tight, you may end up burning the clutch plates.

  • Change and Fill Your CBR 250R’s Oil. Changing the engine oil regularly will keep your CBR 250R’s engine lubricated and stable. Also, keep the oil full to the recommended amount and use Honda’s oil blends to enjoy a longer engine life.

  • Maintain Your CBR 250R’s Wheel’s Alignment. Inadequate wheel alignment drives the motor to run harder, which whittles away at its longevity. Your Honda CBR 250R will last longer if you or a Honda-literate mechanic check if the wheel alignment is proper during your routine service.

  • Charge Your CBR 250R’s Battery. Due to several functions being powered at once, the battery on your Honda CBR 250R needs to be charged every few months. If you don’t ride the CBR 250R frequently, your battery can’t charge, so if you plan on leaving it sitting for an extended period, charge your motorcycle’s battery. Use the right charger so you don’t overcharge your battery.

  • Ride Your Honda CBR 50R Regularly. Keep your motorcycle’s fluids flowing and fresh and avoid corrosion and gunk build-up by putting your tires to the street, hitting the throttle, and letting your Honda CBR 650R rip!
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