Can Golf Carts Tow Jetski & Boats? 6 Facts You Should know

The traditional purpose of golf cars seems to have gone through several adjustments. However, the use of golf carts in towing objects like boats and jet skis still remains a subject of debate for many.

Here’s what to expect when towing stuff with your golf cart.

Are Golf Carts Designed For Towing?

Most modern golf carts are built such that they can tow objects easily.

Perhaps a quick look at the materials from which golf carts are made would give some insights.

Usually, the body of a golf cart is made from materials like sheet steel, fiberglass or aluminum sheet. These materials are responsible for the seeming lightness of a golf cart.

Nonetheless, they confer great tensile strength to the cart and makes it capable of towing heavier objects.

Also, the design of a golf cart offers it great stability.

Although a golf cart might be considered lighter when compared to other towing vehicles, it certainly holds strong in terms of stability. This is due to the fact they are at a much lower ground level, consequently reducing the effect of gravity greatly.

So if you were wondering if golf carts are even meant for towing in the first place, we believe the answer is yes.

The materials and design of golf carts make them capable of towing.

However, the big question remains; to what extent can golf carts serve as tows?
Can they tow fairly sized objects like boats and jet skis?
We can answer this question by checking the size of most golf carts.

What Is The Weight Of Small Boats And Jetski?

Boats are generally really heavy when compared to golf carts.

  • Boats can weigh as low as 1,000 pounds and as heavy as 32,000 pounds, depending on the type of boat.
  • Jet skis weigh less within the range of 400 and 1,200 pounds with most of them weighing approximately 750 pounds.

The heaviness of boats does not make them impossible to be towed.

In fact, they are pretty much easily towed if the towing steps are rightly done. However, some boats are fundamentally not towable.

Boats and jet skis that can be towed by medium-sized golf carts must be within a certain weight limit.

What Is The Weight Of A Golf Cart?

The weight a golf cart would go a long way in determining its towing capacity.

Generally, most average-sized golf carts weigh between 900 pounds (410 kg) and 1000 pounds (450 kg).

Since we are considering the small-sized electric golf carts in this article, there may be some variations to the weight stated earlier.

Golf carts have two kinds of weight. This is based on the weight of the cart with or without its battery attached.

The two types of weight are:

  • Dry weight
  • Curb weight

The dry weight is the weight of the cart without its battery while the curb weight is the weight of the cart when it carries its battery.

Electric carts are designed to have a smaller weight than gas golf carts but their weight increases dramatically with the addition of their batteries.

These are some common electric golf carts and their respective dry weights and curb weights:

Golf Cart Model Dry Weight Curb Weight
Yamaha Drive electric golf cart 536 pounds 934 pounds
EZGO RXV electric golf cart 571 pounds 895 pounds
Club car precedent electric golf cart 495 pounds 915 pounds
Yamaha G22 electric golf cart 549 pounds 962 pounds
Yamaha G5 sun classic 798 pounds 1257 pounds

The pattern above proves that the batteries of golf carts can greatly increase their weight, consequently affecting their towing capacity.

Other factors like the weight of tires, added seats and personal modifications made on the golf cart can also contribute to the curb weight.

The brand of a golf cart may also determine the weight of the cart.

Even though most golf carts seem to have very similar dimensions, their weight ultimately varies.

This is because different companies use varying materials in building their golf carts.

Generally, it is preferable to have your golf cart on the heavier side if you intend to tow a boat with it. This is because the heaviness of the golf cart would provide proper stamina for towing.

Weight alone doesn’t qualify a golf cart to be an effective towing vehicle. There are other factors that contribute to effective towing. However, the weight has substantial control over these other factors.

It is always important to know the weight of the object to be towed. It saves future accidents and can give you ideas on the proper towing technique.

Therefore, we shall be considering the weight of boats and jet skis.

How Much Pull Power (Torque) Do Golf Carts Have?

In simple terms, torque is the force that tends to cause rotation in an object.

This force is also responsible for the power needed to start your golf cart or even help it pull heavy objects around.

Basically, the golf cart won’t pull an object if its torque isn’t greater than the weight of the object.

Interestingly, golf carts have a fascinating amount of torque.

This may be related to their shape and dimensions. In fact, the torque of a golf cart can be increased by installing a torque motor in the golf cart.

Most people get confused about which to consider between torque and horsepower. Well, we advise that you pay more attention to torque in matters relating to towing. Torque helps you maintain great pulling force even at low speeds.

Horsepower, on the other hand, is concerned with the speed of the golf cart.

Although the torque of your golf cart might help you get your boat or Jet Ski uphill and downhill, it is not completely independent of the weight difference between these two objects.

Let us take a look at the effect of the weight difference in towing in the next step.

It’s Not All About The Weight

If you’ve been wondering about how a seemingly small golf cart would be able to pull a relatively large boat, we shall be explaining how that is possible in this section.

As it is, the weight of your golf cart or the boat does not determine the possibility of towing.

The most important determinant here is effective weight distribution. Let’s get it clear.

When you drive a golf cart, its weight is evenly distributed on the ground. This equal distribution of weight makes it possible for the tires to overcome friction.

The more the golf cart is able to overcome friction, the more the advantages of torque are felt.

Likewise, when a boat or jet ski is attached to a golf cart, they are essentially considered a single unit. This is because there is equal weight distribution between the tires of the golf cart and the tires of the trailer on which the boat or Jet Ski is placed.

In essence, a golf cart would be able to tow a boat three times its size because the weight is evenly distributed on the ground.

Thus, most medium-sized golf carts are capable of pulling objects 3 times their weight.

It is not about the weight really, it is much more about proper weight distribution.

This is not to overrule the fact that you should check the weight of the boat or Jet Ski you are about to tow.

It is not advisable to tow a boat that is five times heavier than the curb weight of your golf cart.

Getting The Right Hitch For Your Golf Cart Is Crucial

There is no way you would perform any towing operation successfully without the right hitch.

This becomes even more important when you are trying to tow a boat with a golf cart.

As a matter of fact, the right hitch elevates the towing capacity of the golf cart.

The perfect hitch for a golf cart depends on the size of the object to be towed. Towing hitches themselves can contribute additional weight to the existing weight of both objects.

Ideally, class I to class II hitches are the appropriate hitches as the case may be.

Using the wrong hitch can lead to swaying, damage and eventual accident.

4 Tips For Towing Jetski Or Boats With Golf Carts

Here are a few tips that can be useful for towing with a golf cart:

  1. There should also be a good distance between the golf cart and the boat or Jet Ski.
  2. When towing with a golf cart, you should go as slow and as steady as possible.
  3. Avoid sharp turns or sudden braking.
  4. Ensure that the hitch is directly attached to the center of the golf cart and boat’s trailer.


Do not be deceived if it looks quite strenuous on the golf cart, you can definitely tow a boat or Jet Ski with a golf cart.

Golf carts that weigh over a thousand pounds should be able to tow a boat around 3 times their size conveniently.

Moderation should be exercised though.

Preferably, it is wiser to confirm the towing ability of a golf cart from its manufacturer.

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