Ducati Monster 1200 Problems: 6 Known Issues (Explained)

The Ducati Monster 1200 is one of the most rock-solid machines around, in its class.

With a steel frame and a 1198cc, liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that pushes 150 horsepower, this is a bike that lives up to its name.

With 400 pounds of pure power, it’s important to be aware of complaints other owners had before you take one home.

We’ve researched the Ducati Monster 1200 and dug up any issues we’ve encountered, along with the troubleshooting tips other owners implemented.

Let’s get started!

1) Malfunctioning Quick-Shifter

The quick shifter is a piece of equipment in many modern sportbikes equip to make upshifting through the gears as instant as possible; a quick shifter enables clutchless shifting.

A few riders have complained about inconsistencies with their quick shifters, namely that quick shifting into 5th and 6th gear from 4th creates a false neutral and redlines the engine for a second before shifting.

Redlining the motor on a bike as fast and powerful as the Ducati Monster 1200 can be startling.

Possible Ways to Prevent it from Happening:

Based on reports we’ve encountered, the false neutral between 4th and 5th happens when the engine isn’t ready to shift.

A quick shifter works by digitally signaling the CPU to shift gears. If there’s more power available in 4th gear, it’s not prepared to shift in 5th yet, and the same goes from shifting from 5th to 6th.

If your RPMs aren’t high enough, your gears are too chunky for the computer to shift at the current RPMs.

If the RPMs are too low for a full-throttle upshift, the bike will reject it.

Quick shifting is meant for shifting at high-speeds. Wait until you have 9000 RPMs in 4th gear before you attempt to quick-shift into 5th gear, or else use the clutch and tow shift the old-fashioned way.

This is a rocket of a motorcycle, as fast as any bike out there. Its high-gears are intended for high-RPMs. Riders should reserve even 4th gear on a Ducati Monster 1200 for going 80mph.

 Another pro-tip is to hit the quick-shifter as you mean it, whether you’re shifting up or down.

A timid quick-shift could find a false neutral between gears.

2) Fluctuation Of The Fuel Source

We’ve encountered a few complaints from owners regarding the Ducati Monster 1200’s fuel efficiency.

According to our research, the owners who’ve complained about poor mileage admitted that their bike was past due for a bike service.

If a motorcycle runs less than ideal quality oil, the engine is burning more fuel to maintain its functions.

Poor lubrication causes extra resistance, forcing the motor to use more fuel to force the engine’s components into motion.

Another factor that contributes to an increase in energy spending is low tire pressure.

The Monster 1200 weighs 400 pounds, and its tires require a certain amount of air to keep that much machine in motion. If that condition isn’t met, the bike burns more fuel to sustain its momentum.

Finally, this bike is called a monster for a reason, and riders often want to push it to the limits and see what it’s got.

Rushed and inconsistent riding pushes the bike harder and burns more fuel than riding at a moderate pace.

This bike is a race-track bike, a rocket on wheels. It’s not intended to be a fuel-efficient city cruiser, and when pushed to its limits, it burns fuel as any race bike would.

You can always save some money by riding at a moderate and steady pace, but when it comes to testing the limits of the Ducati Monster 1200, you’ve got to pay to play!

3. Brake Chattering Sound

We’ve encountered a few Ducati 1200 owners who’ve complained about their bike’s brakes making a chattering sound.

This is not indicative of a flaw with the motorcycle; a chattering sound is an indication that either the brake calipers or the brake pad are shot.

Checking your brake condition is a huge part of routine maintenance. If a rider lets worn breaks go unchecked for too long, they will certainly get worse.

Eventually, you’re looking at a metal-on-metal grinding situation that can cause irreparable wear to your rotors.

This chattering sound these riders encountered was the result of rattling, brake grinding, or brake fading due to poor maintenance, lack of brake-pad inspection, and riding the bike past its brake service due date.

Brake grinding is a serious issue. Typically, the sound occurs when you press the pedal.

The metal-to-metal contact of the caliper causes the grinding sound onto the rotor disc— it’s the sound of damage being caused to your rotor.

Another possible culprit for grinding is the intrusion of a foreign object between your rotary and brake pads.

Break Fades:

A brake fade happens when the brakes are overheated due to over braking, either in the case of an emergency or as a result of improper riding.

To prevent this brake fade problem, you should apply the correct braking techniques as a general rule and, in the case of emergency braking, allow the brakes to cool down before putting heavy use on them.

Remember, brake maintenance is a part of routine bike service.

Ducati owners should adhere to the service schedule outlined in the owner’s manual by Ducati.

3 Other Minor Complaints Associated With The Ducati Monster 1200

  1. The Seat height is too high for those shorter than 6-feet tall— there are reduced reach options for shorter riders.
  2. The high maintenance cost— Ducati uses world-class engineering, which requires specially trained mechanics.
  3. Expensive accessories and parts— Ducati bikes utilize industry-leading technology.

General Pros And Cons For The Ducati 1200

Pros of Ducati Monster 1200:

The Ducati 1200 is a high-performance bike and comes uniquely designed with a security blanket for protection. It has a robust wheel control, anti-lock brake as well as angle sensitivity.

The Ducati Monster 1200 produces a high level of horsepower and torque.

It has a massive engine.

A quick shifter controls the engine and manual gearbox that moves upwards and downwards, allowing you to change gears without the clutch.

One more thing about the Ducati 1200 is the throttle – An awesomely superb throttle that helps regulate the air that flows into the engine. The bike doesn’t jolt either does it releases emissions, unlike other modern bikes.


  • Too expensive
  • The quick-shifter is prone to malfunctioning
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • The screen is not too visible enough

What Others Are Saying About The Bike

The stout front end; those looping exhaust pipes; the large, spaceship-like headlight dominates its front profile.

The motorcycle.com refers to the bike as a “the sort of thing you want just to sit on and stare at.”

The only problem is that there’s not enough room to put your feet, so if you intend to ride on your toes, it can get frustrating.


“In reality, Ducati has taken a different approach to the D-1200 model, growing it in a way that’d allow the bike to accommodate the rider and passenger better.”

Which makes it a comfortable bike to ride on, with its comprehensive platform and high mount sear.

Cycleworld.com confirmed that the bike’s display is the main bike attraction. The only downside to the display is the oversized rear footpeg hangers that obstruct you from placing your feet on the footpegs.

“All the bike models are easy to adjust while cruising down the road.”

Furthermore, the bike uses an exceptional wide handlebar that helps to offset its curb weight. It has an efficient steering and brake pedal. Cyleworld.com compared the brakes to that of a “Super Duke R.”

[Source: cycle world]

Resale Value Of The Ducati 1200

Reselling it won’t be much of an issue.

Here are the resale values for the different models of Ducati 1200:

Bike model Model Mileage in mpg (kpl) Price ($)
Ducati 1200 2019 35.3 mpg (15 kpl) 39,995
Ducati 1200 2018 35.3 mpg (15 kpl) 36,394
Ducati 1200 2017 35.3 mpg (15 kpl) 36,548

Final Thoughts About The Ducati 1200

Overall, the bike is very stable. Nothing compares to it with its top-notch electronic controllable suspenders.

It has all the features – and even more – from what you’ll desire from a bike.  It’s smooth and comfortable regardless of the road coarseness.

Despite its high price and hiccups, you’re going to have a pleasant experience.

To get the most out of this bike, always take it to an auto repair service bi-weekly or monthly. Try not to diagnose the problems yourself if you notice any; instead, take it to the experts.

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