Do Teslas Ever Go On Sale? (Tips For Better Deals)

Teslas are some of the widely desired vehicles on the market today, but one thing prevents people from owning them: they’re expensive.

Fortunately, there are ways the average auto enthusiast can get a good deal on his or her Tesla purchase.

We’ll tell you how if you’re interested in purchasing such a model.

Does Teslas Ever Go on Sale?

Tesla vehicles almost never go on sale as Tesla has no problems selling every single car they can produce. It’s also a decision from Tesla’s CEO to not run discounts. However, Tesla resellers can issue discounts but this rarely happens.

Does Tesla ever offer discounts?

Tesla does not offer many discounts, if at all. Some company representatives gave discounts on new vehicles in the past but were reprimanded for participating in such practices. Tesla’s CEO has a thing about discounting new cars.

He believes that everyone should have the same opportunity and views giving discounts as compromising the company’s integrity. Musk said many years ago that a serious issue exists if one can’t explain why one customer gets a discount and another doesn’t.

Typically, the answer is that Tesla does not offer discounts to its customers.

However, there are some programs and practices that can make a person eligible for one. Furthermore, there may be some discounting options available for previously manufactured vehicles that have been used as demo cars.

Preowned certified vehicles are another way to go to receive a discount on a Tesla.

Preowned certified vehicles are obviously previously owned.

The vehicles are inspected and tested for quality and road readiness and then released by Tesla to be sold. It’s possible for you to get a significant discount on a new one that has no miles or one that has low miles.

However, Tesla is not working through dealerships but through direct sales.

Can Tesla dealers offer discounts?

It’s possible to get a deal on a Tesla if you choose to purchase it from the dealership.

For example, they may have some older models they need to push to make room for other models.

The dealership would be allowed to discount such vehicles. They can also give discounts on models that they consider test vehicles or showroom vehicles.

What is the best time to buy a Tesla in order to save money?

If you want to save even the slightest amount of money on a Tesla, you’ll need to know when the most advantageous time is to invest in a model.

You will have the most luck at getting a discounted price if you wait until the last month of the quarter.

That means you can choose any quarter.

Just make sure you wait until the last month to shop. March, June, September, and December are excellent times to start looking for a model.

It may also be possible for you to get a small discount by shopping for an older Tesla just when they are getting ready to release brand new models.

Can you buy an earlier Tesla model from the new one with a discount?


Buying an older Tesla model is one way to get a discount on it. Even though it’s considered a new vehicle because of its lack of miles and former use, it’s still an older release.

Thus, you will have the advantage of getting a deal on such a car.

Speak to a salesperson about the current cost and what you might be able to do to get the price down. Remember that you are talking to a salesperson, and he or she may not want you to know about the latest savings trends.

Other tips for saving money on a Tesla

Though there are many ways to save on Tesla cars, there are some.

These are some tips for saving money on your next Tesla:

#1 Refer Someone To Buy One

You may be able to indirectly get some money that you can put toward a Tesla purchase. For example, one of their referral programs included a $500 cashback incentive for referring another person to get solar panels.

Another referral program Tesla offered people free supercharging.

None of these benefits are direct discounts on Tesla automobiles, and they can help you to save money in the end. You can visit Tesla’s website or drive into a participating Tesla provider to find out more.

#2 Become a Tesla Employee

Becoming a Tesla employee is a roundabout way to save money on a Tesla car, but even then, you may not save money the way you think you will. You see, Tesla employees do not receive employee discounts.

Many of them have the same options as regular Tesla customers and the same discounts they get.

However, Tesla employees also get rewards each year. Workers can earn up to $8,000 each year in bonuses. They can then use those funds toward the purchase of a Tesla vehicle. It’s not a direct discount on a Tesla model, but it helps.

An employee can also obtain referral links and give them to other people to receive referral prizes.

Tesla changes the terms of its referrals quite frequently. Thus, it could easily change from free supercharging to something different in the blink of an eye.

#3  a Standard or Base Model

As with other vehicle purchases, you can save money by ordering a base model or one that doesn’t have as many features as others. Skipping or not requesting certain options can save you thousands of dollars.

For example, choosing not to add Enhanced Auto Pilot to your vehicle can save you $4,000.

#4 Buy Your Tesla From a Private Owner

As with any other vehicle sale, you can save money if you purchase your Tesla from a private owner.

Thus, you might want to see if you can find one the owner wants to get rid of for various reasons. For example, the individual might want to sell the Tesla to make a business investment or purchase a new home.

You might grab a Tesla for a reasonable price if you buy it from that person.

Now you’re aware of a few ways to get a Tesla vehicle discount. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most discount-friendly vehicles, but you can still take some steps to get a good price on a model if you take your time. 


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