Do Cars Come With Tire-changing Tools? (Explained)

Some new cars neither come with spare tires nor tire-changing tools. And what’s the reason behind this?

We’ve researched to answer that question and more.

But, first things first. Do cars still come with a spare tire? (must-read)

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What are tire-changing tools?

Tire-changing tools are any tool you’ll typically use to change a flat tire. They include a manual carjack that you’ll use to raise your vehicle high enough to remove the flat tire.

You’ll also need other tire-changing tools such as a lug wrench, wheel wedges, a portable tire inflator, and a spare tire.

Here are other indispensable tire-changing tools you’ll need:

  • The Jack and Jill of All Tires

This tool allows you to elevate the tire to the right height. Check this article if your carjack won’t go down.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to rotate the rim effortlessly. Then your lug bolts will line up with the edge as they should.

  • A mini air compressor

A mini air compressor allows you to pump up tires. However, you may need to plug it into the vehicle’s electric system.

  • Slime Tire Plug Kit

This tool enables you to rough up the hole. Once you plug it into a reamer, plug the kit into the hole.

  • Gorilla Automotive Telescoping Wrench

It helps to make some room for this tool in your trunk. It will give you greater leverage when you change your tire.

Do all cars come with tire-changing tools?

Unfortunately, not all cars come with tire-changing tools.

For instance, when buying a Tesla, you shouldn’t expect to find a spare, jack, or lug wrench in the trunk.

Reasons as to why a car dealer would decide to sell a car without a tire-changing tool vary.

  • Some don’t add a spare tire and tire-changing tools because they want to discourage drivers from changing a tire on heavily traveled roads.
  • Others do so for environmental purposes.

That said, 82% of new cars still come with tire-changing tools like a jack. This study found that only one-third of new vehicles don’t come with a spare tire.

There other 28% of news cars that don’t have tire-changing tools are mainly attempting to save weight and increase fuel economy.

Those new cars will include a can of gel that drivers should use to seal small punctures. In most cases, drivers end up not using those cans. Instead, they will buy spare tires and jacks.

Do all new cars come with a spare tire?

Some new cars don’t come with a spare tire. This includes both gas-powered and electric cars. Research estimates that at least one-third of these vehicles don’t even have a spare wheel.

For instance, Electric Cars like Tesla don’t have spare tires. Check this article about whether electric cars come with a spare tire.

One of the reasons behind this decision is to do away with a spare tire is to reduce weight.

But also because most drivers rarely use spare tires. Besides, there is always free roadside assistance for drivers.

What tools are needed for changing tires?

It’s wise to keep tire-changing tools in your trunk. This way, you’ll always be prepared if you get a flat tire.

There are various tire-changing tools that you’ll need to change a tire.

But there are those that you should have in your trunk.

They include:

  • a spare tire,
  • an impact wrench,
  • a lug wrench or a deep socket wrench that fits the lug nuts/bolts,
  • and a jack.

Some of the above tools come with your car.

Others are readily available from hardware.

Can you ask car dealers to include tools for changing tires?

As a driver, you can ask your car dealer to include tire-changing tools. But sometimes, that will depend on whether your new car has dedicated space for a spare wheel.

If it doesn’t, it doesn’t come with a spare wheel. Therefore, it won’t have tire-changing tools. But don’t just assume this after not finding a place for a spare tire.

Instead, confirm this first with your dealer.

Preferably, before you drive off in your new car. It’s always advisable to confirm everything while you are at the dealer.

If there are no tire-changing tools, you can find out from the dealer why those tools are not in your trunk. This even applies if you bought your car second-hand.

Once you drive off from the dealer without confirming if tire-changing tools should be there. It becomes difficult to negotiate from that point.

If you make a request, there is no guarantee that you’ll get tire-changing tools.

Why is there no spare wheel in my trunk?

Most car manufacturers are concerned about weight, which usually affects gas mileage. They realized that excluding spare wheels reduces weight, thus helping vehicles fuel-efficient.

So every time you hear a car claiming, “this car is fuel-efficient.” Chances are it doesn’t have a spare wheel.

Your car tire weighs with a jack weighs about 40 pounds.

So by excluding those two items, your car will be 40 pounds less.

Instead of a tire, car manufacturers will typically put a small device with a gauge and a power plug. This is your tire repair kit.

It will generally include the following:

  • A pair of pliers:
    You’ll need these tools to remove a nail.
  • Lubricant:
    A lubricant comes in handy to fix a hole in your tire.
  • The reamer:
    You’ll use it to clear away any remaining debris on your tire.
  • The cord-insertion tool:
    You’ll use this tool to insert the repair cord into the puncture.

When you repair a tire, always make sure you clean the puncture hole first. Once you are confident that it is 100% clean, you can proceed to smear the kit’s lubricant on the reamer.

Up next, thread the repair cord into your insertion tool. Then extract the insertion tool and trim the repair cord.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, using tire-changing tools is not for everyone. So if you are unsure how to use those tools to change your tires, it’s always best to seek professional help.

Remember, changing a tire is a skill. That’s we have people we call tire experts. Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t change a tire. So, learning how to change a tire may take some time.

Hence, most car manufacturers have roadside assistance that any driver can call. Alternatively, you can contact someone nearby to come and help you fix your tire.

Changing a tire should be a painless affair. Make sure you have all the right tire-changing tools.

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