Car Mirrors Won’t Move: 3 Most-Common Issues (Solved)

Whether it’s a faulty adjustment mechanism or a cracked surface, mirror issues can cause significant driving challenges.

This quick guide is designed to help you identify and resolve these problems.

Let’s dive in.

Common Causes for Car Mirrors Not Moving

Faulty Mirror Switch

A common culprit behind the inability of car mirrors to move up and down is a faulty mirror control switch. This integral component of your vehicle’s system could be experiencing an internal electrical malfunction.

Alternatively, the problem could lie in the connection between the switch and the electrical relay, which is responsible for transmitting signals to the motor that operates the mirror. This could lead to a disrupted signal flow, rendering the mirror unresponsive to adjustments.

It’s crucial to have such issues checked by a professional to diagnose the exact cause and ensure a reliable fix.

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Damaged Mirror Motor

Another frequent reason for immobile car mirrors is a damaged mirror motor. This is the mechanical device that directly controls the movement and adjustments of your mirror.

Over time, the motor could become worn out or experience a malfunction due to a variety of reasons, such as persistent use, environmental factors, or an internal fault. When the motor is compromised, it loses the ability to adjust the mirror to the desired position.

Like a faulty switch, a damaged motor requires professional attention to ensure safe and efficient replacement or repair.

Wiring Issues

Lastly, the problem could be rooted in the wiring of the mirror control system itself. Wiring issues, such as damaged, frayed, or loose wires, can interrupt the power supply to the mirrors, causing them to stop working.

Any disruption in the electrical system can interfere with the communication between the control switch and the mirror motor

Other Smaller Problems with Power Mirrors

Apart from the main issue of power mirrors not moving up and down, car owners might encounter various other smaller problems related to their vehicle’s power mirrors.

Another common issue faced by car owners is a blown fuse.

The fuse that controls the power mirrors may have blown, usually due to a short circuit. It is essential to locate and replace the blown fuse to fix this issue.

In some cases, the switch that controls the power mirrors may be broken, which can also lead to the mirror’s adjustment system not working correctly. Replacing the broken switch can help resolve this problem.

Power mirrors might behave differently based on the temperature.

For example, in colder weather, the mirrors may work fine, but various actions may stop working as the temperature warms up.

This factor is also worth considering when diagnosing power mirror-related issues.

Inspecting the Mirror Components

Checking the Mirror Switch

First, test the mirror control switch by attempting to adjust the mirrors in all directions. If the mirrors can move sideways but not up and down, the issue may be with the switch itself.

In some cases, a faulty mirror control switch will only allow for some movements but not others. If this is the case, the switch may need to be replaced.

Examining the Mirror Motor

Next, inspect the mirror motor by listening for any sounds while attempting to adjust the mirror. If you hear a humming or whirring sound, the motor may be functioning but the mirror’s internal assembly could be damaged or jammed.

Conversely, if there is no sound, the motor might be faulty and require replacement.

Assessing the Wiring

Lastly, evaluate the wiring that connects the mirror motor and control switch. Damaged or frayed wiring can lead to a loss of power or inconsistent mirror movement.

In some instances, a thorough inspection of the wires might reveal a disconnected or loose connector that can be easily fixed by reconnecting it.

Fixing the Problem

Replacing the Mirror Switch

In some cases, the mirror control switch may be faulty, causing the mirrors not to move up and down.

Replacing the mirror switch typically involves removing the door panel to access the switch, disconnecting the electrical connector, and installing the new switch. It is essential to ensure the new switch is compatible with the car’s make and model.

Repairing the Mirror Motor

Another possible reason for the mirrors not moving up and down is a faulty mirror motor.

If that’s the case, replacement or repair of the motor might be necessary. Begin by removing the mirror assembly from the car. Take off the mirror glass to access the motor, following the vehicle’s repair manual for the correct procedure.

Examine the motor for damage and repair it or replace it as required. Reassemble the mirror and reinstall it on the car.

Addressing Wiring Issues

Wiring problems such as damaged or loose wires can also be the culprit behind the mirrors not moving up and down. Inspect the wiring from the mirror motor to the control switch for any breaks, kinks, or loose connections.

If damaged wires are found, repair them by splicing or soldering, and apply electrical tape to protect the repairs. In case of loose connections, resecure them to ensure proper electrical flow throughout the system.

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