How To Ship Motorcycle Helmets Without Ruining Them? (Solved)

Are you finding yourself having to ship a helmet?

Or maybe you’ve ordered a helmet online and are worried about UPS and Fedex damaging it in transit?

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know when ordering or shipping a helmet.

Can You Ship a Motorcycle Helmet Without Ruining It?

It is possible to ship a helmet without ruining it. Reputable dealers will most likely have been shipping helmets for years and know the precautions to take to make sure your helmet makes it to your doorstep without damage.

Follow These 6 Steps to Ship Your Motorcycle Helmet Safely:

1. Place Helmet in Its Original Bag

If you don’t have the original helmet bag, you can find something similar. The point of this step is to protect the paint on the helmet from being damaged.

Cardboard can damage the paint on the helmet shell. The damage results in something like a friction burn. Like carpet burn, but on your helmet. Even though this damage is only aesthetic, the receiver of the helmet would probably be mad to receive a helmet with any kind of damage.

2. Place Helmet in Close-Fitting Box

This step seems obvious, but we want to make sure no one is throwing a helmet in a big shipping box without proper packaging. Using the original helmet box is best for this step, but again, if you don’t have the original box, try to find a box that leaves as little space for movement.

3. Add Padding to Occupy Any Space in the Box Around the Helmet

This step is important because skipping it can cause the most damage to a helmet being shipped.

Using packing paper or large packing bubbles is most suitable for filling in the space around the helmet. Adding the packaging reduces the risk of the helmet moving and breaking.

4. Place the Helmet Box in a Shipping Box

The original helmet box isn’t sturdy enough for shipping. It also reveals what’s being shipped, making it an easy target for porch pirates. The shipping box will also offer extra protection for the helmet while it’s in transit and when the receiver goes to open the box.

5. Tape Up All Sides and Edges of the Box

You probably know you need to tape the box shut, but most shippers only put one piece of tape on top and bottom. For best shipping practices, tape ALL sides of the box.

This means placing tape on the sides of the box that are not connected, on the top and bottom, and, of course, that extra piece of tape down the center, across the crease of the box.

6. Mark “This Side Up”

If you want to go the extra mile, mark the box with a right side up indicator to minimize the risk of the helmet being stored and shipped upside down.

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Can I Trust UPS and Fedex to Ship A Motorcycle Helmet?

UPS and Fedex are leaders in parcel shipping, and they’re leaders for a reason. They cumulatively ship 6.5 billion packages per year! With these sorts of numbers, they know a thing or two about how to deliver items safely from warehouses to your doorstep.

One of the top priorities of each of these companies is to deliver packages to you undamaged. They know that whatever is inside the box is important to you. Whether it’s medication, a gift for a loved one, or a new helmet, these shippers have a reputation of delivering items safely to owners.

In the event that your helmet was delivered through Fedex and UPS and the helmet was damaged, both companies offer some sort of claim service to cover the damage. But beware, Fedex and UPS require a lot of documentation and proof that the damage was their fault.

In most cases, if an item arrives damaged, it’s because the sender did not package the item correctly or with enough padding.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle Helmet?

The cost of shipping a helmet depends on the weight, the size of the box you ship it in, and the distance.

For example, if I ship a 16x16x12 box from Texas to Oregon, and the box ends up weighing 5 lbs, I could be looking at a $20 shipping bill. But if I were to send the same size and weight box somewhere closer (like Louisiana), the cost might be closer to $14.

A $6 difference may not seem like a lot, but it makes a huge difference to small businesses, like your favorite local motorcycle shop.

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Do Websites Offer Free Shipping for Helmets?

Some websites like Amazon and RevZilla offer free shipping for motorcycle helmets or orders that reach a certain dollar amount. However, if the helmet you ordered doesn’t fit, most of the time, you are stuck paying the return bill and it can be a hassle to ship back if you’re unfamiliar with the shipping process.

This is why I always encourage riders to find a local source for motorcycle gear and parts.

There are many knowledgeable employees at local dealerships who can offer you guidance that big websites just can’t. You can also go in person to try on helmets and see what’s new.

Even if they don’t have a helmet you want, they most likely can order something for you. This is a great option to use because it often costs less than online shipping, and they can handle the return for you if it doesn’t fit correctly.

Final Thoughts

Online commerce and shipping are two industries that are rapidly growing and improving their customer experiences. Shipping helmets can be safe, but if you’re not sure about it, don’t be afraid to visit your local motorcycle shop and support local businesses.

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