Hein Moutinho is a car and motorcycle mechanic with 9 years of experience.

Hein Moutinho, Car Mechanic


I’ve been immersed in the world of automobiles since my early childhood in South Africa. As a small boy, I’d pick up ball bearings from my dad’s workshop and play with them as makeshift marbles.

As I grew up, I dived deeper into understanding the inner workings of cars, appreciating the art of the engineering behind combustion engines. Even in the face of the rising popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, I can assure you that traditional combustion engines are just as remarkable!

My journey into the automotive world officially commenced at the age of 16 when I joined a large car mechanics company. A year later, I was working on a wide array of car brands, performing various repairs and maintenance tasks. Now, nine years later, I have worked on hundreds of different vehicles, cultivating my knowledge, expanding my skill set and gaining insight into common issues, diagnostic systems, and problem-solving techniques.

I also enjoy vehicle and motorcycle restoration. My current passion project is restoring my 1974-75 Suzuki AP50 50cc motorcycle.

My passion for cars extends to customizing my car’s sound system and indulging in YouTube channels that showcase remarkable car builds. During my weekends, you’ll often find me at horse shows or lending a hand to my friend with his Corolla restoration. I also enjoy attending car events and engaging in woodworking projects for my home.


Seasoned Car Mechanic

Hein has worked on cars for 9 years (since age 16). This has gained him experience with more than 100 different car models.

Driving Experience

Hein has driven several +1,000 miles trips and likes long road trips around the coast.

Motorcycle Restoration

Hein also rebuilds motorcycles. He’s currently restoring a 1974-1975 Suzuki AP50 50cc motorcycle.