Best Motorcycle Helmets For Skinny Guys (4 Great Options)

Sometimes, finding the right helmet can be a struggle.

Everyone’s head is shaped differently and there are so many helmets on the market, it can be daunting to narrow down which brands are worth trying on.

In this article, we’ll discuss which helmet would be a good fit for you if you are a skinny guy with a narrow head.

Are There Motorcycle Helmets Designed for Skinny Guys?

Most men (and women) who are skinny tend to have longer but narrow heads. This head shape is referred to as oval or long oval. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a helmet that properly fits this kind of head shape, but luckily, there are a few helmets out there made just for such people!

How Different Is the Fit Across the Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

Every motorcycle helmet brand has a different fit. The less expensive helmets tend to have a very round shape and run big. Premium helmets are the opposite with more narrow, oval fits that are more ergonomic to the human head.

This is why you might wear a size medium in a $100 helmet but then wear a size large in a $500 helmet. The $500 helmet will probably be more comfortable as well, not just because of the fancy materials making up the comfort liner, but because the fitment is better tailored to your head.

How Tight Should a Motorcycle Helmet Really Be?

Helmets should be tight, but not painful. Many new riders choose a helmet that is actually too big because they don’t realize that a helmet needs to be tight to keep your head safe.

The common mistake is when a new rider tries on helmets, they choose one that is comfortable. This is reasonable because we’ve taught ourselves to purchase things that feel comfortable for us.

But with helmets, it should actually fit a little uncomfortable. This is just when you first buy the helmet, though. After a few hours of wear, the helmet will begin to break in and form fit to your face and head.

When you buy a helmet that fits comfortably in the store, you’ll find that the helmet will begin to fit too big during the break-in period. If the helmet is too big, you can expect to experience wind noise and movement at high speeds. Its ability to protect your head will also be compromised.

Be aware that there is a difference between uncomfortable and painful. If you try on a helmet and it begins to feel painful, it’s most likely the wrong head shape. Try on a different brand of helmet until you find one that fits snug but does not cause pressure points.

If you have an oval head shape, you will most likely feel pressure points on your forehead or back of the head. This is when it’s time to consider a new helmet that better suits your head shape.

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Which Motorcycle Helmet Brand Has the Smallest Shell?

It’s not hard to find an XS helmet, however, it is harder to find a XS helmet that isn’t the same size as a large helmet. What do I mean by that?

Well, some helmet companies use 3, or even 2 helmet shells to make up 5 different sizes. This means that extra-small, small, medium, and large helmet wearers could all be wearing the same helmet, give or take a few millimeters of padding.

Several companies make helmets for children, which means shell sizes can get pretty small. For adults helmets, Arai helmets make the smallest shell size for adults on the market. This is because Arai mkes a shell for each helmet size. If you need an extra-small helmet, you won’t be weighed down with extra material for a bigger rider.

What Is the Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmet?

For full face helmets, it can sometimes feel like you’re wearing a hollowed bowling ball on your head.

Opting for a premium helmet can help reduce this feeling. Companies such as Shoei, Arai, AGV, HJC and X-Lite produce helmets that are safe, functional and lightweight, alleviating the bowling ball feeling.

These manufacturers use lightweight materials and perform extensive aerodynamic research to create low profile helmets that are as safe as they are comfortable for the rider.

In my research, I found the X-Lite X803 helmet to be the lightest weight helmet with a low profile weighing in at 1,249 grams (that’s about 2.75 lbs)!

X-Lites are made in Italy and use a combination of carbon fiber and aramid fibers to create their lightweight and aerodynamic shells.

The X-803 also comes with standard premium racing features like emergency cheek pads, a locking visor, high intake air flow system and an adjustable rear spoiler for maximum aerodynamics.

The X803 is by far the lightest weight full-face helmet but there are other helmets on the market with similar weight and features, including:

  • AGV Pista GP-R: Weights 1,430 grams
  • HJC RPHA Pro: Weights 1,450 grams
  • Arai Signet-X: Weights 1,576 gram

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What Is the Best Brand for an Oval-Shaped Head?

My favorite helmet for oval shaped heads is Arai’s Signet-X helmet. This helmet is considered a long oval-shaped helmet and one of the most uncommon head shapes.

During my time working in dealerships, if a customer claimed they couldn’t find a helmet that fit properly, I had them try on this helmet and it was a game changer!

Arai is a renowned company known for its attention to detail when it comes to fitment and, most importantly, safety. The plush materials and ergonomic interior design make it one of the most comfortable helmet brand on the market as well.

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Final Thoughts

You can spend countless hours researching helmets, studying head shapes and taking head measurements, but the best way to know if a helmet will fit you is to try it on. Hopefully, this article was able to point you in the right direction if you’re a skinny guy searching for the perfect motorcycle helmet.

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