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I'm Peter, the founders of MOW. I love my Dodge Ram 1500 and I often spend my Saturdays fixing and repairing the family cars. I like researching online and this blog is where I share everything I learn about motors and vehicles. You can find more about me here.

How Do AC & Heat Systems Work In Electric Cars? (Explained)

Electric vehicles are undeniably the most practical substitutes for conventional cars using internal combustion. Because of their different configurations, specific functions like the AC and heating systems work differently. This article explains the AC & heat systems in electric cars and their differences compared to internal-combustion engine vehicles. How The AC & Heat Systems In …

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Do Electric Cars Need Inspections? (Explained)

Electric cars are the modern substitutes for conventional gas-driven vehicles. They use a battery-powered engine with fewer moving parts, guaranteeing better performance and low maintenance costs. However, despite the effectiveness and efficiency of EVs, they still require periodic inspections to ensure everything is okay. Electric cars need inspections to ascertain safety and reliability when on …

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