7 Answer To Know About Keyless Cars (Before You Get One!)

Are you thinking of buying a keyless car and you’re wondering how secure it is?
Or are you thinking about upgrading to a keyless car system and you need to know the way it works?

We have done thorough research and have come up with detailed information about how keyless cars work.

Before we start, what are keyless cars?

Keyless cars are the new-age automotive solution that allows you to start your car engine without the aid of a key 

These kinds of cars are also called keyless start, smart key, or keyless push-button start. You no longer have to search for your keys before driving out. So let’s get down to the specifics

How Do Keyless Cars Work?

Keyless cars as the name goes are cars that do not need a key to run. When you buy such cars, they come with a gadget called a “key fob”.

a key fob is an electronic device that enables the wielder to have access to restricted areas, this case, a car. The cars are powered when the fob sends a unique signal at a low frequency to the car’s system. This signal is then approved, then you can open the vehicle.

Powering a keyless car is also as seamless as opening it. As there is no need for a key, you can start the vehicle using a power button either on the dashboard.

Turning off the car is also very easy. All you need to do is also to press the start/off button. The same set of signals are sent to the system of the car and enables it to go off.

Also, access to a keyless car is effortless. It is based on key detection. As soon as the key is detected a few feet away from the car, you can open the door of the vehicle without any issue.

Do Keyless Cars Have Steering Locks?

Steering locks are put in most vehicles to stop the car from moving forward when parked. Vehicles that have manual shift cables especially need steering locks as they are at risk of being stolen if they lack steering locks.

In essence, keyless cars do not require steering locks as they are made with an automatic shift cable that is linked to the key fob.

An ordinary vehicle without steering locks can be geared to neutral and rolled away without any hassle. Although the keyless cars have no steering locks, you can hardly change the gear from park to drive without the presence of the key fob.

Another reason why these vehicles lack steering locks is that they are mostly powered automatically. For instance, it would be dangerous if the steering locks on a keyless car is engaged while motioning.

Can You Keep A Keyless Car Running?

The short answer to this is; Yes, you can keep a keyless car running.

It has been recorded that more than twenty individuals have died due to monoxide poisoning, after accidentally leaving their cars running in their garage.

Although carelessness is one of the factors responsible for this, there are still some reasons for this common mistake amongst keyless car owners. They are:

  • Keyless ignition
  • Soundless engine

Keyless ignition:
This is the most common reason for this mistake. Keyless cars are straightforward to start using a push-start button, likewise turning off the ignition. You can use the vehicle to get to your destination and imagine that you turned off the ignition, especially when you see the key fob in your pocket or bag. When you see this, you assume that the car is off whereas you left it running.

Soundless engine:
More often than not, keyless cars possess a quiet engine, and this gives the illusion that the vehicle is turned off. Users tend to assume that the car is turned off, hence, leaving the fuel to dry off, while the ignition stays on.

These are some reasons why keyless cars are kept running. We advise that before you leave your vehicle unattended, ensure that the ignition is turned off even when using a keyless vehicle.

Can Keyless Cars Get Stolen?

Over the years, automobile technology has advanced to an excellent level where old theft methods are ineffective. These days, everyone is exposed to technology, sadly, including thieves.

Keyless cars are made with advanced technology; hence, advanced theft technology is applied. Therefore, the answer is yes, keyless vehicles get stolen.

Keyless cars are stolen using a method called “relay attack.” It is a simple method that requires two thieves to perform.

When the thieves target a car, they work together by using an electronic signal relay device usually outside the owner’s home. One of them holds the device close to the house while the other stands with a signal receiving box beside the car.

The method the signals are detected by the car; it assumes that the owner is around and unlocks the door. All that’s left for them to do is to turn on the vehicle using the push-start button.

Although this is annoyingly real, there are some measures you can employ to avoid such issue.

Here are a few.

  • Safekeeping of key fob:
    The signals from the relay device can penetrate walls, windows, and doors. So the best thing is to store the key fob in a metal box as the signals cannot pass through. You can also purchase a signal-blocking pouch, also called a Faraday bag for keeping your key fob.
    However, ensure that you test it before using it. Another method is storing it in your microwave but remembers to take it out before using the microwave.
  • Switch off the fob:
    It is likely the most straightforward method if your key fob can be switched off. Check to see if there’s a way to switch it off or take out the batteries overnight. This will prevent any signal relay.
  • Consider a steering lock:
    Even if this may have been thought up by the hoodlums, it still gives you a few seconds or minutes to alert the authorities.
  • Add a tracker:
    Even if this will be a second option and won’t prevent the theft, it will still aid the authorities in recovering your car back to you.


Can You Lock Your Keys In A Keyless Car?

This is dependent on the model of your car.

Locking your key in a keyless car is possible if:

  • You leave the key fob in your trunk unknowingly.
  • Your car has an automatic lock system when you shut the door.
  • You lock it yourself through a small crack in your window, probably on purpose.

To avoid such, try to keep a spare key fob handy and ensure that you might have your key before closing the trunk.

Do Keyless Cars Have Batteries?

The answer is Yes, most mechanical devices are either electronic or battery powered.

Keyless cars have batteries as well as the key fob.

When the batteries on the transmitter die, they can be changed, but in a case where you are indisposed, here is what you should do:

  • Open the door:
    This may be tricky as the key fob is dead but doable. You can open the door by placing the key fob on the lock and then opening the door simultaneously.Another way is to make use of the manual key that most car manufacturers make available. You can find it on the key fob, and it will raise the alarm. However, that’s a small price to pay for getting into your car.
  • Start the car:
    Many car manufacturers make provision for backup car start method. You can do this by touching the nose of the key fob on the push-start button, stepping on the brake and pressing the button simultaneously.
    Keep trying it until it works. You can also place the key fob on the steering or any other location close to the driver’s seat.

Final Thoughts

In summary, keyless cars turn off and lock with the aid of a remote keyless entry transmitter.

When considering buying one, be careful to make adequate inquiries as well as putting security measures in place.

Conclusively, keyless cars are stress-free to operate and would give you that much-needed feeling of satisfaction.

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