11 Best & Worst Ford C-Max Years: (Complaints, Recalls, Stats)

The Ford C-Max has experienced both triumphant and underwhelming model years throughout its production.

In this article, we will explore the best and worst Ford C-Max years, providing valuable insights for potential buyers and enthusiasts alike.

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The Best Ford C-Max Year

Based on industry reports, safety statistics, and consumer feedback, the best model year for the Ford C-Max appears to be 2018.

This particular model stands out due to its reliable performance and lack of reported issues.

The 2018 Ford C-Max has VERY few problems reported, which highly contrasts with the 2013 model – the worst year – which had over 311 reported problems. This significant reduction in reported issues makes the 2018 C-Max more reliable than other model years.

Favorable features in the 2018 C-Max include its spacious cabin and great build quality, as reviewed by Top Gear. These characteristics contribute to its highly-regarded status as one of the best MPVs in the market.

Additionally, the 2018 model exhibits good road manners, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The 2nd Best Ford C-Max Year

The 2017 Ford C-Max stands out as the second-best model year for this vehicle. This model garnered positive reviews from both consumers and the automotive industry alike.

One of its key features was its balance of fuel efficiency and performance, making the 2017 C-Max a practical and environmentally conscious choice for drivers.

In addition to its eco-friendly nature, the 2017 C-Max provided a spacious and comfortable interior for passengers, as well as ample cargo space. The vehicle’s design was compact and efficient, maximizing utility without sacrificing style or handling capabilities.

This made it a desirable option for individuals and families seeking a versatile car.

Moreover, the 2017 Ford C-Max earned a perfect reliability score from Consumer Reports, further solidifying its position as the second best model year for this line of vehicles.

A high percentage of owners expressed satisfaction with their purchase, with nearly 77% of them indicating they would consider repurchasing the same model in the future.

Other Good Years for the Ford C-Max

While we have identified the best and worst years for the Ford C-Max, there are also other years that are worth mentioning for their solid performance and reliability.

In this section, we will discuss additional good years for the C-Max:

  • 2015: The 2015 Ford C-Max performed well in auto industry reviews and showed fewer reported problems compared to earlier models. Owners praised its fuel efficiency and comfortable ride.
  • 2016: The 2016 model year saw continued improvements in the C-Max, including a more refined interior and a smoother driving experience. It also maintained high fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for consumers.
  • 2017: In addition to receiving a perfect reliability score from Consumer Reports, the 2017 Ford C-Max had high owner satisfaction levels with nearly 77% of owners expressing their willingness to repurchase the same model. This year also saw improvements in interior design and technology features.
  • 2018: As the final model year of the C-Max, the 2018 version showed significant improvements in terms of reliability with zero problems reported on CarComplaints. This model year left a positive impression for the C-Max lineup.

These additional good years for the Ford C-Max have showcased improvements, strong performance, and higher owner satisfaction rates.

Each of the years mentioned provided a reliable and efficient driving experience for C-Max owners.

The Worst Ford C-Max Year

Among the Ford C-Max model years, the 2013 C-Max stands out as having the most reported problems.

Despite having positive attributes, the 2013 model experienced multiple issues that affected its reputation.

According to consumer feedback, one of the main challenges faced by the 2013 Ford C-Max owners was electrical problems. These issues created discomfort and inconveniences for drivers and passengers alike.

It is important to note that while the 2013 model encountered various issues, Ford improved these aspects in subsequent models. Therefore, it would not be accurate to solely judge the C-Max based on its 2013 model year.

The 2nd Worst Ford C-Max Year

The 2014 Ford C-Max has been identified as the second worst model year for this vehicle. While it did not face as many reported issues as the 2013 model, it still encountered some setbacks that affected the ownership experience of some buyers.

One of the most common concerns reported by owners of the 2014 Ford C-Max was related to electrical problems.

These issues could lead to various inconveniences for the owner, such as malfunctioning displays and intermittent loss of power.

However, these problems were not as widespread or as severe as those found in the 2013 model.

In addition, the 2014 model experienced a lower number of complaints regarding the vehicle’s engine and braking system compared to the 2013 model. This suggests that some improvements were made to address the previous year’s most pressing issues.

It is important to note, however, that not all owners of the 2014 Ford C-Max faced these challenges, and many still enjoyed a satisfactory experience with their vehicle.

It is fair to say that the 2014 Ford C-Max did experience some issues, but it also represents a step forward from the 2013 model in terms of overall reliability and owner satisfaction.

Other Bad Years for the Ford C-Max

While the 2013 and 2014 model years are known as the worst, there are additional years where the Ford C-Max experienced some issues that may be of concern to prospective buyers.

Although these issues are not as severe as those in the worst years, they still warrant attention.

Here is a list of other problematic years for Ford C-Max:

  • 2015: This model year experienced minor electrical problems, such as issues with the MyFord Touch infotainment system. Most were addressed by software updates.
  • 2016: Some owners reported problems related to the charging system, specifically the charging port door getting stuck or breaking off. These issues were generally resolved through repairs.
  • 2017: While the 2017 Ford C-Max Energi was mostly reliable, there were isolated incidents of the vehicle not starting. This was usually resolved by a software update or replacement of certain components.

It’s important to remember that these issues were not experienced by all Ford C-Max owners in the mentioned years, and many owners enjoyed a reliable and satisfactory ownership experience.

Due diligence is necessary when purchasing any vehicle, and potential buyers should research and take into account the history of any specific used Ford C-Max they are considering.

Years with the Most Recalls

The Ford C-Max years with the most recalls have seen a significant number of reported issues. These model years experienced various problems related to manufacturing defects, and addressing these recalls helps ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.

A notable recall affected the following Ford C-Max model years:

  • 2013-2015 Ford C-MAX

This recall was primarily due to concerns with the seatbacks.

The issue involved potentially faulty welds where the recliner mechanism attaches to the seat frame. As a result, the seats might not hold up well in a crash, jeopardizing the safety of occupants.

Another recall affected the 2013-2014 Ford C-Max, along with the Ford Escape and Ford Fusion models.

There was a worry that poorly welded seatbacks in these vehicles might not provide adequate support during an accident.

It is crucial for Ford C-Max owners to be aware of these recalls and ensure their vehicles are appropriately serviced to rectify any existing issues. This awareness can significantly enhance overall safety and performance.

Common Ford C-Max Problems to Look For

The Ford C-Max models are known to have some common issues that potential buyers should be aware of when considering purchasing one. Keep in mind that while some problems may be more frequent in certain years, they can still occur in other model years as well.

One problem seen in the C-Max Energi is transmission failure.

This can lead to a lack of power, decreased fuel efficiency, or even complete loss of transmission function. Additionally, some C-Max Energi owners have reported loud vibration during cold weather and dead battery issues, which can render the vehicle inoperable.

The C-Max Hybrid, on the other hand, has had its share of power steering failure. This issue can cause the steering to become stiff or unresponsive, posing a safety risk while driving.

Engine stalling, unexpected engine shutdown, and battery dying are also common problems among C-Max Hybrid models.

A few more general issues that have been reported in the Ford C-Max models include:

  • Loose door frame weather strip
  • Leaky manual transmissions
  • Coolant pump leaks
  • Failure of the keyless entry system

Keeping these common problems in mind while inspecting a used Ford C-Max or researching different model years can help in making an informed decision when it comes to purchasing one.

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